Saturday, September 29, 2012

Match of Intent

Sometimes we act without thinking, moving from the heart's impulse. Sometimes decisions are made with jaw set not allowing ourselves to see anything else. Sometimes we don't even know we've made a decision until later when either with amazement or a thump to our forehead we cannot believe "I did that."  Sometimes the world would have us believe we made a decision but we simply did what was expected.

I stare at the candle and ponder wax, wick and flame. The wick standing upright announcing its willingness to accept the flame. The wax, hardened, yearns to melt and surrender to the union of flame and wick. But wax and wick can do no more than await the flame which I must light.  Without my desire for its light, my intent and my action, the candle is not a candle, it is an ornament. And so it is with my heart when I hold the match of decision and intent.

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