Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mountain Loom

"Fear is not of the unknown, but of the loss of the known. The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does" (Krishnamurti).  "Love is incapable of asking anything" (Course in Miracles).

Two threads seemingly so different in texture and intent, woven together in my mind and this picture. The little heart, the precious spirit that makes no demands, but quietly waits while our minds and bodies continue to cling to the expectations, labels, and "must do's" and definitions of right and wrong, proper and improper, what we can be and cannot,  imprinted upon us from birth and daily reinforced. Sometimes we feel the pulse, the heartbeat but quickly turn away. The spirit and heart make no demands nor do they confine with demands and definitions. To listen would mean giving up the known and trusting the Love that simply asks nothing, waiting to hold your hand so you can truly Be.

And the picture? To help you see and let go of the fear, the precious heart and spirit whisper, "if mountains and obstacles you must have to lessen the fear, I shall open the heavens and bring down a mountain of Spirit for you to see and climb."

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