Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Extremities Touching

Walking back to the car yesterday a whisper turned my head to see a rock. Not that unusual but it looked like an egg or a little image of the earth as viewed from outer space. I picked it up and could feel the sun's warmth it had gathered inside spreading into my hand. Together we shared our warmth as I finished my walk. This morning as I sat in meditation I placed it against my heart and could feel my heart beat through its shape against my hand. The two images bound in my mind. Holding it in my hand yesterday my finger tips could feel warmth. Holding it against my heart my finger tips could feel my heart beat. To hold nature close, gently and with gratitude my extremities touch, feel, circulate and pulse. Is that not the way of nature? Solid, liquid, vapor and in-between all dance together as one calling for our embrace. And when I embrace the union of wholeness, balance, rhythm, ritual fill my Self and in turn the Universe. My touch of nature touches the extremities of all about me. As Life, people, thoughts, situations, and choices encounter me, may I have the grace of the rock to offer only warmth and the pulse of the heart to each extremity reaching out.  May the world I offer every thing be like the world of nature. Extremities touching and going inward.

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