Monday, January 7, 2013

Surrender to the Tension

What is it about a blank page that can intimidate us? What is it about sitting in meditation, silence, or shutting the world out that makes us edgy, antsy and our minds jump into warp speed trying to fill the void? Oh, yes, a day of "nothing" is often ever so welcomed. String those days together and we suddenly find ourselves asking "what shall I do?" as if we had to have a target or goal, a purpose.

This morning I sat and looked at the blank page. I could feel the tension to write, to say something, to "release."  Instead, I surrendered and looked at the page and let my heart write as the pen remained capped. I could see the script, the words and some that had no alphabet squiggle simply feelings. The page was filled.

Sitting there in the stillness I noticed my heart went silent. Puzzled at first, my brain started to engage. The brain quieted and the heart began to sing.... as the page began to write back to me.

May I see this day before me like the blank page. To surrender to the tension of Love and Life...knowing when to write with my hands, when to write with my heart, and always to read the handwriting of Life writing back to me.

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