Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life delicious

R - ritual. After an illness, I am having to re-train my body to eat...and giggle, at almost 59, I soooo do not know how to cook, but alas, that is another story. I have discovered oranges. My orange has become a treat. The explosion of juice, the dribbling down my fingers and chin, the juice, the freshness and drink it offers has delighted my soul and body these last two weeks. Eating my orange has become a ritual. A joy I look forward to like the fox and the Little Prince...I have been tamed. As I peeled one slice of the orange, and giggled to feel it squirt my face, I thought I noticed something but could not identify. By the second slice I could see. My eyes were, without awareness, looking at how many slices were left, three....two...and then one. As I ate the orange and delighted in each bite, my eyes were looking with a mix of fondness and yearning at the last slice when the explosion of fresh and juice would be over. 
I have always walked to the rhythm of the seasons. My age is equated to the seasons (232 1/3). The R of Ritual, the grace of nature today shall be to notice the deliciousness of Life that unfold. To be cognizant and aware of the squirts and dribbles, the rhythm and juice. To approach each moment with the ritual of my little orange.... and a soft eye always upon the slices yet to be knowing in Nature, there is no count down. Nature counts forward...always fresh. The R of Ritual and the delicious  freshness of Life. 
May all your chins dribble today with Life.

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