Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gifts for Why

I ponder the "why" Life and Light chose this body. Did it wonder the touch of a cloud's shadow upon the flesh? Did it long to hear the song of gravel beneath these feet? Did it imagine looking up to see a hawk in flight or the dance of trees with the wind? Maybe, the yearning was to feel the body prone upon both earth and ice, eyes and arms stretched as far as they could daring to reach for the tunnel,. The gentle defiance of a rock nestled in the cave between the body's ribs. Perchance the desire to feel the vibration of earth, water, and ice as the laughter thundered and the earth laughed. 

Whatever your reason, Sweet Life... my gifts I offer to you. And in Your Oneness, but a finger has to touch the rock, and the body is again stretched upon ice and water and the voice of the tunnel echoes with laughter.

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