Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I opened a journal that has amazing photos of the sky for pages. Entries would be like writing in the sky. I open the journal and giggle. What would possess me to buy a journal when even to sign my name to papers or a check is an effort for eyes that cannot see and hands that tremor and stutter? To ponder a mystical path is to imagine a path of magic, images never seen, trees never touched, grasses and earth beckoning the souls of my feet, and plants reaching for the touch of my fingers. A mystical path that transforms illusion into reality. To step on the path is to leave the world of illusion - labels, fears, restrictions, judgment - and enter the reality of infinite possibilities from which one can choose.It is the path of choice. It is the path of sight. The pages whisper trust. The pen whispers embrace. My hands whisper dance, walk. My eyes whisper visible. I take off the cap and write but one word. Stroke the page. Close the journal. As I place the journal back on the shelf, my heart whispers "yes you are" and giggles. And so beginning week two I shall take with me the practical baby step of one word.....worthy.

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