Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Soft Eyes

The morning image whispered was that of the old fashion alarm clocks before cell phones and digital clocks. The old timey clock with two bells that would shatter the world with their clanging. No snooze. Just metal banging against metal announcing it was time to wake up. With a shiver and wonder as to why this image, my small four legged angel sat next to me and the clanging melted into soft gentle eyes that were nothing but love and presence.

Truth is, every breath, every thought, every action and movement I make is a wake-up call. A wake-up call to my heart, my mind, to those around me, those distant, and even to the sweet sweet earth that is my sanctuary. My presence touches and awakens all around me including who and what I cannot see.
Sweet mercy...may I remember these eyes.
May I awaken my heart and mind with these eyes.
May I awaken and touch the world with these eyes.
May I simply be...soft eyes.

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