Thursday, January 17, 2013

Migration's Rest

The sound of the geese thundered around the hills and mountains surrounding the lake. Long before my eyes saw the flock you could hear them approaching. Like a train rumbling in the distance you could feel them and hear their signal'd chorus encouraging each other in flight. At last the flock, tiny like butterflies then growing in size and becoming geese with wings and necks stretched towards the lake. I stood as frozen as the layered lake watching.

As they landed the hush eclipsed the thunder of their calls in flight. Silence. As their winged bodies touched the tiny patch of water encircled with eyes there was nothing but silence. Their journey was, for now, at rest. In silence only the energy and communion of their bodies floating in the tiny patch of water was all that spoke. Only the whisper of my heart breathing aloud could be heard... "To know the silence of the migration's rest."

"Wisdom is knowing that I am nothing,
Love is knowing that I am everything,
and in between the two my life moves"

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