Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where are my arms

The morning meditation, such giggles.The guided meditation was to extend your arms and feel/see Life/yourSelf/the Divine in front of you, seeing you, holding your hands.  This morning my hands extended, I realized the space between myself and Self, The Friend. My meditation with mala beads, so precious and dear, to follow my breath rise and fall with each bead and the space between inhale and exhale so infinite, and yet this space did not feel the same.  Was it the space or the position? Feeling the hands clasped together, I drew my arms in towards my body and felt the space closed. It was not the space, it was the position. The position had been one of reaching as if I had to ask, like Dicken's Oliver Twist, reaching out and asking "More porridge please...." No need to ask, no need to reach. I AM completely already, now, all that I would dare to reach for and more. 
And so  my practical steps upon this ever so mythical path, will be awareness of where are my arms.... Are they reaching not realizing they already have? Are they creating space between me and  the Sweet Hands of Life telling my heart it is not worthy? Are they creating space between myself and others thinking they could take from me, hurt me, or their judgments would create fear? To ask today, where are my arms.....and to remember the touch, the softness, the immersion I felt when I drew my arms in and felt the space of union. Oh sweet mercy, isn't this path amazing?

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