Tuesday, May 8, 2012


And if I truly believe that nature teaches me…what is the lesson these weak eyes see?  Clouds and a mountain.  In life, they are often symbols of that which either darkens and hides my path or makes the journey seem impassable. The clouds are hovered round the mountain peak. Obstacle upon obstacle?  “No,” I whisper, both an affirmation and confessed plea.  For cheering them on are waving spectators of spring and patches of blue. Do I not also see the caress, the embrace of softness around that so hardened?  Do I not also see the surrender of strength to that so ephemeral?  Maybe I have been guilty of mixed metaphors.  When clouds seem so heavy and I cannot find my way, maybe instead of an obstacle, life has gathered my hardened fear into her embrace.  Maybe when the mountains seem so steep for my weakened body and faith, instead of weakened maybe they are reaching towards the solid certainty of life’s embrace.  Darnit, I don’t know.  I was  just walking and something made me pause and look.  I think it is important, and leave the bookmark here.  No matter, really, a moment of beauty, a wink of grace.

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