Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giving back

Nature has her own music.  I have heard her chorus of pine trees and ocean waves singing, the tympani of the wind, the baritone frogs and alto crickets, and of course, her birds. Even her silence resonates.  I do not need an iPod when walking in nature. 

Today, for some reason, I took my iPod.  Climbing the hill and walking between the rocks I spilled and the trees, twice the ear plugs were pulled from my ears.  I am slow sometimes.  With a wonder, I took the earphones off and let the soft music float between the pines and firs, the stumps and cactus, the purple bell flowers and the red blooms so soft nestled in the cactus thorns.  And like a painter with broad brush strokes, I weaved my way as the music floated and danced. 

Seems so little I have to offer,moments when I could give something back to nature.  And when my walk was done, the music silent, the birds returned to singing and nature returned the song upon the breeze.

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