Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Circled dance

I confess my heart was excited. Two feathers this morning awaited me in my morning walk. Then three, four...and my shoulders sank. There should not be this many feathers. A side of nature I try not to think about. I know the lion hunts.  I know the Orca goes after sea lions. I know the eagle and hawk hunt.  I know they never take in greed. I just try not to think about it.

I gathered several in the palm of my hand. Sitting in the grass I admired their beauty, amazing precision and delicateness. I wanted so to cry but knew the tears would be for me, not my precious dove. "Acceptance. Acceptance not abdication." I will not abdicate my trust. I will be more vigilant, beyond that, I will trust nature. I will trust the amazing feathers of wings to keep the doves safe. Walking in, nature gifted me a re-visit of such a delicate flower. A tiny dance of petals and grace forming a circle of life and a portal inviting entry. 

I placed the feathers upon a rock the mountain gifted me. Returned to the earlier photo of the flower.  Now....now I could weep.

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  1. beth.....gorgeous blog! been reading your posts. they're beautiful. thanks so much for sharing!