Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buddha laughing

The morning walk around the park lake.  The little iPod shuffling through soft music.  As I bent my body to encourage my knees to go up the slight incline, the shuffle embraced the Buddhist chant Om Mani Padme Hum (“Precious Jewel, Awakened Heart”) and Fisher’s Peak appeared on the horizon.  More breathless from the music and mountain, I paused to breathe the gifts.  Who could not join with the chant and sing aloud?  And so I continued walking, singing out loud to the mountain, the lake and to the trees, my heart renewing my knees with a tiny tiny little swagger.

As I approached the group of men walking, I continued to sing.  I did not want to silence my heart.  Still singing I bowed my head and we exchanged smiles.  And then I tripped over a rock.  I heard a giggle.  I assumed it was theirs.  Perhaps not, I mused, as I visualized the statue of Buddha laughing.  Mindfulness.

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