Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello and simple song

As I have told my dearest friend, I often require supervision.

There is a tree, atop a small mountain hill, that greets me every time I go to walk.  I always honor her and then off I go elsewhere upon the flat land path.  Today, as I offered my thanks, it felt like waving to a friend across a crowded room.  I wanted to say hello and hear her voice.  [Insert inner dialogue: your blood sugar is iffy, your right leg drags, and by the way did you notice the rocks?] With a giggle off I went.  It wasn’t long before I met a barrier – barb wire fence.  The tree was on ‘no trespassing’ land. Rats.  [Insert inner dialogue: no you don’t!].  With yet another giggle, I laid my camera on the other side of the fence and bellied my way underneath…there’s an advantage of having lost weight and being small.  [Insert inner dialogue:  sigh].  Like a kid with a cookie, stolen from the forbidden cookie jar, I continued.  Rats.  Nature had created her own no trespassing fence – a ledge of rocks.  Rats.  [Insert inner dialogue: Ok, young lady, no one knows where you are, your blood sugar…your leg…your weakened body…you aren’t listening are you?] As my dearest friend has told me, I am stubborn.  Making my way back and forth I climbed and crawled up the ledge. Sitting to rest [Insert inner dialogue – Rest?  You can’t breathe!], as I was saying, sitting to rest I could see the tree so close, almost there.  [Insert inner dialogue – you know, you’re going to have to go down that ledge...hello?!].  Onward I went.

I said ‘Good morning’ to the tree.

As I sat next to her I listened to the wind swirling among the trees at the top of the mountain hill.  Quieting my mind I listened for what they might say.  Giggling, I realized they were just singing, no message required.  Sometimes, like Winnie the Pooh, you just have to sing a simple song.  The joy and singing is the message. 
I crawled, slid and tripped my way down.  More than once my bottom (with utmost or should I say bottom-most gratitude) kissed the earth.  And as I scampered and rearranged the rocks, I sang a simple song…
                                I bellied my way beneath a wire fence
                                And crawled my way up the rocky ledge
                                I forged a new path among the rocks
                                (The deer have a new trail to the top)
                                All, so I could introduce myself to a tree.

[Insert inner dialogue: C’mon, we need a second verse]. 

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