Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tween time magic

I have never seen a feather shaped like this.  How my eyes, with legs stumbling in the tween light of shadows and sun, saw her I do not know. She is shaped like a petal,  a leaf. Oh I am sure others have seen such feathers. That's the point perhaps, I have not. 

And as I do, I had to ponder in the magic of the tween time of evening and day.  Do you think wings for flight began as leaves? A silly question I know, but one that creates such magical images. If so, if wings for flight begin as leaves, then, one could ask... In autumn, when we think of summer's end, approaching winter, a time of reflection as nature prepares to go into hibernation, just maybe that is when leaves fall, letting go, and become the wings of migrating birds.

Just a feather shaped like a leaf, a petal. Nature's gift of wings so eyes that cannot see could enjoy a magical flight of images.

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