Friday, June 8, 2012

Absent no soul

My brain is muddled and so when I go to walk the lake’s path, in my pocket I carry five stones.  With each journey around the lake a stone is moved from one pocket to the other.  I no longer have to doubt myself with a ‘was that two or three?’  As I walk, I draw to those upon my heart, the ripples and breeze dancing upon the lake and grass,  tickling the leaves, and the mountain rising as I crest the hill. 

Sometimes I get miffed, when the last stone has joined the others and I am making my way up the hill that is my reward, when suddenly I realize I have forgotten someone or some need.  As if I only had one shot to speak to the Sweet Hands of Life, and they will go untended.  And so, I now carry a sixth stone in the pocket of my heart.  It is simple and passes from my heart to the Sweet Hands of Life, after I have whispered, “So shall it be.”  A simple phrase…”Absent no soul from the light.”

And if you should see this simple little scrich of my heart, though I know not your name.  Know that this little stone “Absent no soul from the light” bears your name.
"In Lak' ech".... you are my other me

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