Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forgetting the Giver

I gently bathed the bamboo's leaves, refreshed her water, then giggled and gave her a complete shower. My fingers thought they felt her joy to be so immersed, droplets still cling to her leaves. Was it her joy or my own? I remembered the waterfall I stood beside, the beauty and sound inimitable, knowing how deeply body, mind and soul wanted to lay down and feel the current. I shall next time. But what if there is not another? Not only would my hesitancy have deprived my own spirit of such joy, but what of Life that stood waiting to giggle as she bathed me? So often I view things I miss, lose or refuse to accept from my own eyes, forgetting the eyes and heart of the One who stands waiting to give.

Cold River Covering

Sweet soul of mine, forgive me
I can offer not one excuse.
I heard your voice, felt your need
Accepted the gratitude not the desire.
June 2012

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