Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sneakered heart steps

An early morning walk. So silent one could not tell the difference between your heart beat and footsteps.  So early the heron’s breakfast was disturbed and fish that only rippled the surface, during the day, now felt the morning as they leaped out of their world for a moment before splashing back into the lake.  With each lap a tree went from black to brown then orange and then returned to its daytime color of gray.
As I walked, talking to and through my heart, the sun kissed the moon good night and drew the blush curtains across the sky so she could sleep.  And with a quick wink, left a whisper, ‘Don’t focus  on the change, just look to see the light.’  Perhaps a rephrasing of not being able to see the forest for the trees, or maybe just another bookmark to come back to when I am wise.  Or, perhaps, maybe, nothing more than just a quiet morning sunrise walk watching fish with wings, hearing the sound of the heart’s footsteps, a tree changing colors and a spill from the morning blush that happened to land on a tree.  

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