Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Showers of choice

As the rain fell, I retreated inside. I shut the house windows, checked the car windows and told my little dog she would have to wait to go outside.  As the rain fell I watched the birds, absent during the heat of the day, gather around the feeders, and yes, even the sassy squirrel. I laughed to watch them bathing in asphalt pot holes and tiny little pools of water on the driveway.  A robin was having a particularly grand time.  They squiggled and fluttered and I wondered if birds giggle.

One creature of nature closing up the house.  Other creatures of nature gathering, bathing and maybe even giggling.  Both living beneath the same rain that fell. And I pondered the difference.  Is it because there are "things" in the house, like carpet and painted window ledges?  Outside, well, outside there are "things" but they know the fall of rain and drought, that one follows the other and so worry not. I am not so wise.  I only know the same rain created a need to close up and a need to play and giggle. Or perhaps not the rain, but choice.

Maybe I will go and buy a bird bath, a hose and figure out how to turn the water on for the outside faucets.  And, who knows, if I am successful, after the bird bath is filled, the hose might accidentally point to the sky and the channeled water can rain down upon me.  Then, maybe, wet and to the neighbors even odder than I am, I might learn as I sit, if robins giggle when they bathe.

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