Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unclenched pillows

Some nights the pillow is softened with tears.  Some nights the pillow cups the waters of nature’s walks and brings such sweet dreams.  Our heads need pillows.  Even when none is present, we bend our arms beneath our head to keep the neck and spine straight so the energy can flow.  As I think of the earth and those now seeking their pillows as I leave mine, I ask for their pillows to be soft, accepting of any troubled hearts, tendered and fitting so many shapes and needs.

We need pillows.  And should there be those, whose arms are too weak to hold their heads, quietly I slip my hand between their weighted minds, weary eyes and their chin buffeted by the day’s blows.  We need pillows.  Our heads were not meant to be lowered and bent, save in the gift of honor and love, or perhaps to notice a blade of grass.  We need pillows.  And so, when I ponder the world, all the needs, wondering oh sweet Hands of Life, what can one little person like myself ever do, may I recall this scrich.  We need pillows.  My hands are small and gentle, and closing my eyes, when I see a face stressed, saddened, or head bent, to slip my hand between their head and the world, a soft whisper, ‘Quiet my friend, and know rest, my pillowed hand is here.’ 

Loo-li, loo-li, loo-li, lai-layLoo-li, loo-li, loo-li lai-lay Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullabyBack to the years of loo-li lai-layAnd I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrowBless you with love for the road that you go….May you bring love and may you bring happinessBe loved in return to the end of your daysNow fall off to sleep, I'm not meaning to keep youI'll just sit for a while and sing loo-li, lai-lay~SECRET GARDEN - SLEEPSONG

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